Monday, March 21, 2011

Rebel Rebel

Once a month, Otto's Shrunken Head in Alphabet City has Rebel Night, a rockabilly dance party.


But first, Katie and I got a filling pre-dance dinner at Brinkley's. Because it was a girl's night and we needed something to soak up the two bottles of wine, we got the meat board AND the cheese board, plus a wild mushroom gnocchi. [Apologies for the iPhone pictures, as usual.]

It took two bistro tables to hold our spread.

The lady herself.

Then we headed up to Otto's. Once in the door, the first thing we spotted was a table of super done up chicks. Katie got jealous so I put a tiny bit of '50s in her hair to match mine.



Then we danced.

(From here)

And after, crawled out looking like we'd fallen into a pool. A pool of sweat.

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