Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Pots and Pans

My roommate is sadly moving out a few months shy of our lease (deserting rainy, snowy, cold, yell-y New York for sunny, cilantro-y Miami). As she owns the pots and pans, she took those with her.

Major. Derp. City.

So I sprung for a 12-piece set of pots and pans to fill the sad, empty space where all the cookware used to be. This is the second big kitchen purchase I've made for myself (after this hot piece of machinery) and the first one that's 100% necessary for everyday use. It feels... adult.

Thanks to a hefty sale markdown and a gift card from Christmas, I made out with this Martha Stewart set at an offensively low price.

Because I am a mature adult, I also opted to drag the thing on 2 subways and a 10 minute walk home rather than take the EASY, CHILDISH way out. (Cab.)

I own a STOCKPOT now, guys. A stockpot. Plus I also have a teensy 1 qt. saucepan for melting butter or (cough) making ramen the way I've perfected. And a 3 qt. sauté pan in which I can poach eggs and make couscous or rice without spilling it into my shitty oven.

The pots feel good when I'm cooking, too, and look good. They're clean and fresh and I will treat them well and stroke them and croon them to sleep when I'm done tucking in my KitchenAid and feeding my Le Creuset bonbons.

Not a Martha fan, but damn if this Martha Stewart cookware isn't going to change my life in a very small, probably undetectable way.

(Image from Macys.com)

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