Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking Care

This weekend, when I wasn't caring for my coworker's dog (Fig. 1: I call it "BathWhine") or stumbling across my idea of heaven (Fig. 2: Midoriya Japanese Market), I was most likely helping my boyfriend celebrate Christmas with his aunt and uncle's present: a dinner at 5 Leaves.


Fig. 1: Addison the dog.

Fig. 2: Midoriya.

I blacked out and regained consciousness holding Men's Pocky, some kind of weird cookies 'n cream mushroom candies, Hello Kitty hard candies and this more-than-borderline racist bag of ramen crackers. I definitely want to go back to try some of the savory food (they have all types of fresh and frozen gyoza, noodles, ramen, spices...)

Saturday morning, leftover Pies N Thighs from the night before + brown sugar bacon waffles = brunch. Hooboy.

Saturday night, we got a drink at the no name bar in Greenpoint—whose backyard will be the center of my universe when it starts getting warm out—and then headed over to order the works at 5 Leaves.

Let me just leave this right here. We split the apps and then boyfriend went headfirst into his burger.

-Dozen Watch Hill oysters
-Yellowfin tuna tartare with cucumber, basil and apple
-Charcuterie plate
-Cheese plate

-Burger with gruyère
-Side of brussel sprouts with confit garlic

-Espresso and trio of gelati for me (Earl Grey, Kahlua and egg nog)
-Affogato for him

The drinks were pretty insane, too. I marked ours with cheery stars. Guess who had the one with the "chamomile dust" and who just went with a bunch of whiskey in a jar.

Thank you, Uncle and Auntie Fab. We took a cab home and collapsed.


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