Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moving On Up Again

Opera, Take DUE:

Yesterday, the day of opera, I put on a Dress and Makeup and did my hair.

My escort put on a suit and tie. The phrase "GQ Motherfucker" was tossed around a few times.

When we got to The Met, I found my aunt and uncle.

And we all went in to see La Traviata, which, as you might remember, was the same one I saw last time.

We admired the scenery.

We made photographic memories.

And my aunt took blurry iPhone pictures of the whole thing.

Dopo l'opera, we had a long dinner at Circo, which is pronounced CHERko, according to someone who corrected me. (Pleb.)

My escort and I bailed at 9, stuffed and boozed, and left my aunt and uncle on their way to a cigar bar. Apparently, my uncle is Jay-Z.

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