Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New

How did I survive Snowpocalypse 2010, you ask? At the risk of sounding complainy, things did not go well at all.

After a fantastic Christmas, my Sunday flight got canceled, rebooked, then canceled again. Unfortunately, Delta sort of... turned off their phones and their website went down. That's when the fun started.

I spent an hour on hold with Orbitz, then actually got through with Delta and spent another hour waiting for a human. Rebooked again, and then showed up at the airport to find out I wasn't on the flight. Spent a day and a half at the airport trying to fly standby. Finally got on a flight Wednesday by the skin of my... something. Got back to New York and almost kissed my stoop.

Since being back, I:

-Hilariously actually went to a warehouse party in "East" Williamsburg for NYE. Finished the night at Sweet Ups. Did The Robot a lot.

-Made waffles and snuggled on the couch listening to records like it was my job.

-Pub crawled the East Village with boyfriend and friends, making sure to hit Cake Shop. Had midnight dinner at Liquor Bar. Much like Peels, where I enjoyed a very long, cozy, boozy, pre-Christmas sendoff, it's at the top of my List.

-Got brunch at The Bedford and walked around Greenpoint.

-Spent a handful of terrified moments at The Thing before completely throwing in the towel and admitting defeat in the face of decades-forgotten vinyl.

-And finally, first taco of the year at Endless Summer.

An ideal start to the new year, I think.


Heart Charlie said...

Oh man! That flight situation sounds like a nightmare! But good that you are home and having fun! Loren prices about $75/hr for their work, they only charged me $50 since the work done on my jeans didn't take a full hour. They are a bit pricey, but their work is amazing and long lasting. I would totally go there again!

Anna said...

That sounds awesome. I'll check it out!

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