Monday, October 4, 2010


My brownstone apartment has a rather curious nook on the landing. It's usually holding a cheapo storm lantern from Ikea, but it has also housed old books and fresh flowers.

The nook

Seeing as it's such a curious nook, I'm trying to find something worthy of filling it. Short of dressing someone in knight's armor and telling him to hold still, I'm not sure what I'm looking for.

Ideally, I'd have carte blanche at a rather eccentric place like Evolution.

A penguin would be perfect.

But even if I had 4 grand sitting around, it would not be spent on a potentially endangered taxidermied animal.

These glass domes are pretty cool.

Even empty, there's a weird sort of thing going on with the thick glass.

Another option is a Phrenology Head. The little sections with their weird headings (HEYO) are interesting and sort of spooky.

Luckily, good old Urban Outfitters has one that might do.

Looks like I have some nook filling in my future.

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