Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing But the Finest Pigments

Remember when I said I'd clue the public in on my red hair?

Ah. Yes.

I wanted a leeetle change, but nothing permanent. My salon (the ridiculously amazing Parlour in Greenpoint) had always used Davines Finest Pigments on my hair to make it shiner and blonder. When I mentioned going red, my stylist suggested ramping up the color with the same product. [Caution: GPOYPhotoboothing, dead ahead]

Hookay. Let's do it, I say. It smells good.

After about 30 minutes and several peeks from my stylist (I won't say nervous peeks, but it was pretty obvious I was a ginge guinea pig), we got this:

W000! Shiny shiny red! Then I washed it once.

Whomp whomp. It lost all shine and got mostly brown. S'ok, it eventually turned to this:

And then it didn't go away. So I went back to normal. Er, hair speaking.

(Bottle from here)

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