Monday, August 9, 2010

Food And Fleas

The mission: ransack the Brooklyn Flea. I had my sites set on procuring various homegood oddities and eating more than a smattering of delicious, delicious food.

Here's how it went:

Iced Coffee

Pork dumplings

Red Hook Lobster Pound

Their Maine-style lobster roll

Aaand no more lobster roll

Fish tacos

Aaand no more fish tacos

Asia Dog

I went Bahn mi style, naturellement.

Spinach pie for the boy.

Taste-tested some salsa.


There was shopping, but nothing worth buying.

Making faces to pass the time.

Cherry Dip for posterity. I made it 75% of the way through mine.

The verdict: Slow and steady gets you through enough food for 3 people. I'm ready for round two. (See more pictures here.)

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