Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baconnaise and Beyond

Tonight—spurred on by a trip to the new Chelsea Trader Joe's and the Baconnaise making sad faces at me from the cupboard—I made enough curry chicken salad and bacon-flavored potato salad to last a couple of side dish days.

I'd post a picture, but they look pretty similar. Lots of lumpy bits in a tannish dressing.

The Baconnaise has been floating around since about January. Determined to do it justice, I ended up just leaving it on a shelf and looking at it every couple of weeks. And then going back to doing nothing with it.

Thanks to the piles of potatoes at the store, and frozen crab cakes that will need a nice bacon-y aioli, I finally did something with it.

It tastes pretty good. Not great, but good.

The flavor is a little too smoky for me. I cut it with a lot of French mustard and pepper, but there's less "bacon" and more "smoked meat." We'll see how it tastes after it has a chance to hang out in the fridge overnight.

Pictures of Crab Cake à la Baconnaise will come as soon as it happens.

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