Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let's Go Surfing

Oh my goodness, but it is HOT outside. New York is still in HOLYSHIT!mode: we office people schlep on the subway in tights and sweaters (office AC is cold) while tourists frolic around in unflatteringly short shorts and honest-to-God fanny packs. Hot garbage smell wafts. Windows in my gorgeous new apartment are thrown open in hopes of attracting a cross breeze, but the only true solace is hanging out on the front stoop with middling wine and better company. Cold showers are the name of the game.

I spent all last weekend coaxing my boss's dog from outdoor bar area to sightseeing trip to her West Village home back to another bar; the weather, of course, made it essential to take exceedingly long walks, or get that extra drink at aforementioned bars.

Day drinking. In the sun. Come on.

Here: have some songs. They're all really good, promise.

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine - Dirty Projectors

Get Up and Go - Broadcast 2000

Sometimes - Beach Fossils

Dead Youth - The Sundelles

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