Thursday, April 15, 2010

Greatest Hits

Why am I having a fantastic week, you ask? I will tell you why I'm having a fantastic week. In fact, things have been pretty rosy since I last checked into this here blurg. At the risk of jinxing myself: let's bulletpoint this, shall we?

-Music. Musicmusicmusicmusicmusic. I don't know what's in the water of this... uh... country, but 2010 so far has been a ridiculous clusterfuck of incredible albums. My poor, abused Twitter followers have probably jumped ship in droves since I jumped the shark. I couldn't stop retweeting all the amazing tracks and sending out links. (Sorry.) Thus, all of my new favorite (and some old favorite) stuff has been sectioned off over here or into playlists. See for yourself, if you have any interest.

Shows have been seen (best so far was the JoBro-lookalike-with-talent: Oberhofer at MHoW), tickets have been bought (most excited for Morning Benders in a few weeks and Beach House at Prospect Park this summer), and iPods have been stretched to the limit. It's practically creaking from the enormous strain I put it through. Poor thing.

-Work is. Great. There are some really cool things happening now and soon--? You'll have to wait. I can't wait.

Here's me getting pwnd by a teenager:

-There's been a whole lot of this sort of thing. The nice weather means more time to discover the patios and back gardens of Williamsburgian drinking establishments. I'm ashamed it's taken me this long to realize The Levee-- located just around the corner-- is my jam.

Alphabet City also jumped onto my radar, thanks to friends' dedication to patronizing good jukeboxes.

Plus, there's vegan graffiti in the East Village to document and mock. As you can see.

-April showers bring... a May apartment. It's the whole second floor of a gorgeously untouched brownstone on Berry St--!!-- just a few blocks from where I live now. We have a private front STOOP, people. The walls and floors are crooked and there's a staircase (with a mysterious nook!) to decorate. I'm in love and that means I'm off to Ikea this weekend.

Also in the cards: long trips to the Brooklyn Flea to get cool mirrors and planters and anything else I can carry on the subway back or stuff into a bus seat. Big big big for me, folks.

-My hair was pink again, for a hot minute. You can kindofsorta see it here. Right? No, you're right. But it WAS pink.

Miss my chattiness? I'm way busier on my Tumblr. As long as you don't mind my special blend of entirely unfiltered content and... animated gifs. That's pretty much the extent of it.

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