Friday, November 20, 2009

What I've Been Doing: A Photo Essay

If by photo essay, you let me mean "post some low-quality pictures and write a wholly indulgent 'let's bring you up to speed!'", then... yes. This is that.

I work at an advertising agency. It's a digital shop so I'm online a lot. Researching memes and writing and Photoshopping and... stuff. And my art director brings me snacks!

She says it's a Girl Scout cookie, which-- don't they only sell those in February? I call shenanigans. But man are they good. Speaking of shenanigans, my AD went as Ben Franklin to our agency Halloween party.

Here's what I did this week:

-Saw Fantastic Mr. Fox. It rocked.

-Went to a Band of Skulls concert. I also saw Wolfmother last week and had severely impaired hearing for a day or two. That's an NG [no good], as the firechief would say.

-Wrote this. It's startlingly nerdy but worthy of a clickthrough, non?

-Got free tickets and went to the MTVu Woodie Awards. I still can't exactly explain the event, other than it being a (free!) opportunity to see Matt and Kim, Passion Pit, Death Cab and The Dead Weather perform on the same night. I got bumped into by a lot of NYU freshmen in stilettos, saw girlcrush Zooey Deschanel from afar and took a poll on whether Katie should get bangs.

staaart, music.


The Dead Weather absolutely kicked my ass. I love them.

-Put a border around my site.

-Volunteered as a "hair model" at the Arrojo salon and got a free blowdry. The stylist was a champ and managed to bring me from this to straight hair. It's still holding up the day after:

-Did New Moon at midnight. The combination of wine and prize-winning bad acting made it one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. I highly recommend it.

-Was and am very sad that Daul Kim died.

In summation: I'm a bit tirezzzzz


Waiting4Arson said...


son. of. a. bitch.

Anna said...

I knows it! And one of my other friends had them yesterday, so I guess they really were for sale somewhere.

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