Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still On Sale 2

It happened again, folks.

I did my usual whizz through Urban Outfitters, determined to find the last dregs of sale and make it out before my eyes caught something actually expensive. Like, a dress over $60.

Then-- ooh! A pretty almost-Liberty patterned wrap dress with a hoodie. Intriguing! And aha on sale! Righteous.

I almost died in the fitting room. Like, literally almost died, because I started strangulating myself with a crotch that was not supposed to be sewed into a dress. That's when the laughing started. Who in her right mind would voluntarily buy the crap I was struggling to fit over my head?

When I realized it was a playsuit, I went fuck it! and tried going the other direction. After climbing into it with no less struggle, thanks to the jeans I was still wearing, there were more problems. Once the damn thing was covering my body, I had to unwind the twisted front panels and figure out how to wrap it closed.

The blurry result:

Oh dear. Yes, that is a playsuit/wrap/hoodie.

The tight wrap closure in the back creates an asslicious bubble. The mutated skort in the front gives me a pooch. Good product, Urban! Thumbs up.

One BIG side note: this jumper was only on sale because it was labeled defective. It's still full price online.

And that is how, once again, I got punked by the sale section.


Heather said...

Love it! Plz to have mor ov deez posts?

Anna said...

Only if you talk like that all the time.

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