Saturday, November 7, 2009

Sleep In

I have so many plans for this weekend.

The majority of them revolve around not talking to people, catching up on errands and getting sleep. Ginge's visit last weekend was exactly what I needed, soul-wise, but completely crushing, health-wise.

I very much look forward to waking up to mid-afternoon sunlight tomorrow.

A hard week at work also means I need to be left to my own devices-- I want to see a movie, do my laundry, grocery shop... NORMAL, realperson stuff.

And Monday will be that much better without my recurring eye twitch.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya, girl, this week was rough at work for me too. I nearly cried when I saw candy was 75% off at CVS, because of the kindness someone had to show at corporate level to kindly drop the price down that low. That's how much of a "nice drought" there's been. TELL US ABOUT YOUR WEEK (or can you?)


Anna said...

Suffice to say it was little niggling things that, added up, were extremely frustrating and difficult. On top of that, there was a big pitch on Thursday and the majority of the office was stressed out.

But! I will write about my job soon because it's a kickass agency.

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