Thursday, October 8, 2009

When Boris Met Dave

Rushmore moves to mid '80s Oxford for this documentary about Boris Johnson and David Cameron's time at school.

The film alternates between these beautiful scenes and interviews with people who knew the men at Oxford.

As for Boris and... Dave, I'd heard of both, of course. I didn't actually know anything about Cameron until I saw this. On the other hand, Boris Johnson was elected Mayor of London when I lived there-- the actor they cast in this movie did his crazy facial expressions and weirdly pompous voice perfectly.

Everything in the movie revolves around the Bullington Club and the infamous photo of the two men posing with their fellow Bullows.

And of course Toby Young-- Oxford grad and Top Chef... er... Judge-- gave his input. While sporting severe facial injuries.

Max Fischer wishes he were these guys. Good stuff.

photos from here, here and here

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