Saturday, October 17, 2009

BBC America... and Beyond!

"Dave Berry surprises teenagers as they wait for their evening takeaway meal. In a bid to offer them nutritional education, they are flown off to the country where their favourite food originates."

"What came first? The chicken and the egg... Now Jamie Oliver turns his attention to the UK pig industry to help consumers make better-informed choices about the food they buy and eat."

"Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall tries to change the way Britain consumes chicken by setting up his own intensive poultry farm to demonstrate how cheap chickens are currently produced"

"Neil Morrissey and best mate Richard Fox have a dream: to open up their own pub and produce their own beer. There's just one problem: neither of them has ever brewed a drop of ale in their lives."

"In this unique experiment, nine 21st century volunteers subject themselves to the weight loss diets and fitness regimes of previous generations. But have they bitten off less than they can chew?"

"Sainsbury's boss Justin King may have hit on an innovative plan to lift them above the competition: he's letting four shop floor workers take over the reins and roll out their new ideas"

The "food" section on Channel 4 alone is better than the majority of US TV programming. Can we fix this somehow? TV people?

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