Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week of Fashion

It's Fashion Week in NY-- I've almost completely not done anything to celebrate, unlike two very long years ago. I guess I just lack the energy it takes to stand around outside shows, knowing I won't get in. Laaammeee. Anyways, it's more fun when not as many people are there. In London and Paris, most locals could give a flying frak about Fashion Week.

I did attempt Fashion's Night Out, but everything was mobbed by the time I made it out of work. My closest brush with fame was seeing The Facehunter doing his thing outside of the Opening Ceremony party. And someone who looked suspiciously like Daisy Lowe caused a scene outside of Fabiane's on Bedford during brunch the other day. Not enough outdoor seating, or something.

My parents visited yesterday and I took them to the High Line. In a fabulous coincidence, we brushed right past Milk Studios, a big venue for some of the shows this year. Hoardes of chattering Italian tourists pressed against the barriers of the High Line in an attempt to photograph the models getting done up inside. My dad was almost offended by the amount of black clothing he saw in the Meatpacking District. I find it funny, because the most color I've worn recently is dark denim or the occasional lurid thriftstore dress. We refused free cupcakes from the Club Monaco truck parked alongside the entrance to the park and moved on to Tea and Sympathy for some Earl Grey.

I think tomorrow will be a thrifting day-- I need a leather jacket and don't have money to buy a new one. I have a browser full of places in Greenpoint, the East Village and Chelsea to check out. Any kind of black motorcycle or bomber jacket is preferred. Suggestions of where to look?

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