Saturday, September 26, 2009

Still On Sale

I'm starting a new segment over here called "Still on Sale".

Today made it about the 5th time I've gone into Topshop, grabbed something awesome off the sale rack, and then realized-- in the fitting room-- why it was still on sale.

Topshop does make a lot of ridiculous clothes, but the ones in this section will be special. These are the ones that someone didn't buy ironically or for a theme party. They just hang around on the rack and suck.

Unfortunately, my first big Whaa? moment wasn't captured on camera. I found a pretty little pink dress with butterfly sleeves. It was when I tried to fit my head through a CROTCH hole that I realized it was not a dress, but a playsuit. Hilarity ensued.

Here's the winner for today. On the rack, it looked like a floaty maxi dress with some sort of sleeve. Bingo! There were a ton on the rack. As usual, I thought I had found something that EVERYONE ELSE had somehow missed.

Oh. A see-through, hip-hugging monstrosity that splits down the front along a ruffle seam. I left my jeans on to keep the peep show to a minimum. The dress's front is shorter than the back, which also inexplicably sports a train. I'm 5'8", so there must have been intentional length added.

Excuse me, Kate Moss? There's a BIG GAPING HOLE in the front of my dress.

I looked like a kid playing dress up.

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Heather said...

More more more! I love this :) I'm glad someone else is brave enough to do this. I've had so many "OMG! Score!" moments turn into "OMG! Wait....WTF???" moments.

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