Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pub Quiz

A lady posted about a recent trivia night in London and it reminded me of my own pub quiz team in London.

It was always a fluctuating bunch at The Drayton Arms, but Pentagon of Steele-- whether 2 of us to all 8 of us plus visiting boyfriends-- managed to take first place once (when I wasn't there, obviously) and landed on the podium quite a few times. We were the only American team and that sometimes led to issues: for example, cricket and '70s TV shows were usually out of bounds. But we ruuuled on picture rounds and our quiz master, Murray, always lobbed a few American football questions our way.

Here's the whole group with Murray on our last trivia night before moving home (I'm in the headscarf). He gave us each Aspall's glasses to take home. When we got back to Boston, we tried to recapture the magic with lame trivia nights around the city. Nothing-- NOTHING-- will ever replace the Drayton's Sticky Toffee Pudding and too-dark dimmed lighting. And being called "deaf" for not understanding the quiz master's accent.

I'm not sure who put it in sepia, but it works.

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amazingview said...

I'm impressed with your quiz skills! You're an inspiration :)

- A Lady

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