Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Phoenix on Fallon

Here's what happened to me this morning:

[bbming Katie]
Me: Yo virgin is giving away trips to london
Me: At Boylston
Me: U win by trivia contest!!!
Me: Go there NOW
Me: Leave work, whatever
Me: Oh wait
Me: Idk the twitter is saying one thing and the website is saying u just answer a ringing phone

[phone rings, interrupting my typing.]

Me: Oh man! So--
Katie: I won tickets to Phoenix.
Me: [thinking] Who would want to go to Arizona?
Me: Oh. That's--
Katie: PHOENIX! On Jimmy Fallon!

[Bench seats onstage with the band when they play Jimmy Fallon tomorrow. We each entered the contest a few weeks ago.]

Me: !!!

Frantic whispering and freaking out. A few people look at me over their computers.

Katie: I can't go. I have work.
Me: Whaaaa skip it!
Katie: Can't.

Appppparently it's Katie's last day in Boston tomorrow before the big move to New York. (Did I mention we got jobs at AKQA over here? No? We did.) She can't skip work/drinks/moving.

Me: [sad face] Nooo. Well, I'll just go alone.

We tried emailing the ticket people at Late Night but the answers were very stern.

Them: Unfortunately, tickets are nontransferable.


Me: Please please please? Why not?

Them: Fuck off.


I even tried to start a Twitter revolution!

... nobody RT'd. Thanks, guys.

I am so sad. Why wouldn't they want a big fan there?

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