Monday, September 28, 2009

Flash Forward

My internet at home finally managed to accommodate Hulu, and so, after what feels like daaays of trying, I watched the premiere of Flash Forward. Man. It was good.

Good premise, good effects, fantastic acting. It's incredible to watch an actor of Joseph Fiennes's ilk on the small screen. A 15" one, no less. Heh.


It was cool how you can see the characters' visions unfolding as soon as the end of the episode. Even the scene with the FBI guys setting up the bulletin board-- move that card to the middle-- was eery. When the daughter put the friendship bracelet on her dad, I got a little shiver. Ooh! Portentous!

If that were me, I would be doing everything I could to keep things different from my vision. Likkke... maybe not duplicating what I'd seen.

There's probably two schools of thought about this whole situation. One is the fatalistic: you can't do anything to change the future. Someone who tries to evade their eventuality will only end up causing it. If you see yourself dying in an explosion, you lock your doors and stay home. Until your boiler catches fire.

The second is that the future is nebulous and changes at every moment. I guess this is where multiple dimensions would tie in-- for every decision you make, another version of you lives out the other. (The Sliding Doors effect)

I'm a bit nervous about the detail of the main character's flash forward. While some people might already be picking apart the camera cuts and lens flares, I would prefer to avoid the potential Lost shenanigans. Read: this story better have a concrete plot and ending set out. Here's my prediction: the daughter dies, Joseph Fiennes starts drinking, the doctor kicks him out, affair starts. Or else she'll be super attracted to her future man at the hospital and the main character's drinking will sway things.

But seriously, how lucky is the doctor‽ She's married to Joseph Fiennes (great American accent, btw!) and then gets it on with Jack Davenport. Bitch.

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