Saturday, September 26, 2009

Blackberry View On French Band

Here is my hoard of terrible quality Blackberry photos from the Phoenix Apple store appearance and the show tonight with Passion Pit. The little camera is shitty (and the zoom stopped working tonight) but I have this deep-seeded instinct to capture concerts and I didn't bring my beautiful Nikon D40. So. Sorry.

Apple store:

That's them, I promise.

Passion Pit at Rumsey Playfield:

Main event:

Aaand that last one is the lead singer, Thomas, on top of the amp. He was standing inititally, but I was trying to send him don't fall vibes and didn't get the phone out in time.

Believe it or not, the show was fantastic. I'd never been to Rumsey Playfield in Central Park before, but it was right where the internet said it would be. They were also selling beer AND I got there as doors opened, so I grabbed a comfortable spot on the ground and made friends with the people around me.

It started on time with Passion Pit opening-- no fuss. They just walked out, said hey, and started playing "I've Got Your Number". Almost everything about the concert was perfect, too. I sort of heave an internal sigh everytime I go to a show, because there's always assholes that make things difficult. But this time the assholery was next to none. Two bands, long sets, nice people around me. Done.

There was a funny bit when the singer from Passion Pitt swung his mic too hard and it broke, so he wandered around for the rest of the song and got us to clap while the roadies fixed it.

Phoenix was fantastic, obviously. It was a very similar setlist to the Terminal 5 show, but it was clear they're much more comfortable with a large crowd now. They've turned into rockstars. Famous noooo.

Thomas jumped into the audience during the encore like at T5, but went waaay far into the crowd and crowdsurfed back. He was perched on someone's shoulders, facing the stage, and he cued the band back into the song.

Tomorrow is night two of their Central Park takeover, but I didn't get tickets in time. I might try to sit outside and see if I can hear anything. Good work, boys!

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