Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Bad Burberry

The Burberry Prorsum show went live across the internets via streaming video this afternoon. I had an arial/photographer pit view of the whole thing and boy was it fantastic.

Sincerely-- this was the first time I'd heard of such a huge label (or any label at all) sharing their collection live to anybody with internet access. Plus, the beautiful interface and friendly chat room going on before and during the show made it a cool atmosphere: it didn't reflect the sort of hard fashion world I've seen bits and pieces of. From behind a fence.

Apparently, twenty8twelve did this last night. Well, I bet Burberry did it better. Here's to drawing in your public rather than choosing to push people away during a time when not many people are buying high fashion.

Let's check out some screen grabs, shall we?

The super elegant streaming video and chat. Nothing really fascinating happened in the chat itself, but it was sweet to see people in Virginia and Poland freaking out and getting really excited. Everyone seemed to love the opportunity to see the show and kept thanking Burberry.

The thing was paaacked with celebrities-- can you spot the Olsen and Emma Watson? Hint: Emma's in the gold spangled dress and the Olsen looks like an Olsen. There may also be a Posh Spice and a brunette Agyness Deyn, but I can't see anything.

Actually, Emma was one of the only front row people who seemed genuinely interested in the clothes. On the right-- checking out the trench.

Of course, the trenches were the main focus, but these legging trousers (lousers? Or should we stick to jeggings?) were very beautifully ruched. I thought they were zebra print until the camera zoomed in to show the little satin pleats.

Cool shirt. Alien sailor?

Lots of sailory details-- you can see the intricate knots on these heels (with cheeky socks underneath). I think either the shoes were impossible or else the socks were slippery, because several models looked a bit wobbly and a few tripped.

It was shoe whore carnage. I loved these silver ones. Bailey transitioned from gorgeous draping/silky fabrics/knots to silver/sequins/brown leather. Each segment of the show kept the clothes feminine with a touch of British masculinity. What is British masculinity? Er-- a cross between polo (horsey leather, boyfriend trousers) and punk (skinny leggings, asymmetrical hems, tight jackets), I'd say.

For example-- twisty, floaty top; silky but oversized trousers; sturdy but delicate brown leather.

It snowed glitter.

The sequins made a reappearance in the finale. Sadly, I couldn't get a picture of Christopher Bailey because he ducked in and out too quickly.

Obviously, I loved the clothes. I did, however, feel a little concerned about a few of the models. London Fashion Week's gotten a lot of flack about casting this week (disagreement about plus-sized models at Fast caused a few people to get fired; people calling for weight minimums...) and I can see why. I've never been anti- thin runway models: such are the facts of life. They are supposed to be living hangers and, besides, they are real women with feelings. Maybe they're naturally skinny. But. Legs that look like bones-- with 6 inches between them-- poking out of gorgeous shrunken trench coats makes me feel ill. It's completely unhealthy (not to mention unattractive) and I hope the models that looked sick get some help.

One final question:

Check out the man in plaid trousers: what was David Walliams doing there? I mean, I love the dude, but...

Oh, and if anyone hears about another show streaming online: give us a shout.


Heather said...

Has Christopher Bailey not done amazing things with that brand? Genius.

But your mention of the celebs called one thing to mind - you probably know this but Marc Jacobs didn't invite a single celebrity to his show in New York. He's sick of the tabloid circus shows have become and I LOVE that about him. LOVE. (To be fair, Lady GaGa and Madonna both specifically asked to come and he let them - but that was it. No Housewives, no starlets, none of the BS.)

Anna said...

Amazing! He even made the plaid semi-okay again! Even though it will always be a chav thing.

Also, I read your comment on my phone while half-asleep this morning and had a really violent reaction to the "Housewives" bit-- one of those women was on the Emmys red carpet broadcast and had nothing worthwhile or interesting to say. Complete waste of dress.

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