Saturday, August 29, 2009


I did a three-movie triple whammy. A triple header, a trifecta of fantastic films this week.

It went like this:

1. Inglorious Basterds
Well. This is obviously a great movie with pretty positive reviews. It's been years since I watched a Tarantino movie straight through and this one makes me itch to revisit his oeuvre.

My friend and I got there a bit late, sat on the floor (good job, Regal in Union Square, for overselling tickets), and then almost immediately a mouse bumped into her and ran away. A mouse.

But the opening of the movie was so good, I DIDN'T EVEN FREAK AND FIND A MANAGER TO DEMAND MY MONEY BACK! We just moved over a bit and went right back to reading subtitles (her) and pretending we understood the German (me).

The violence was expected but shocking. And I was so amused by the text overlays, the music switches, and the backstories of each character. Add gorgeous costumes and I'm sold. The acting was gooot, funny, etc. (I'll never be a film reviewer.) Basically, I loved it and I'll see it again.

2. The September Issue
I was expecting something like Lagerfeld Confidential and, wouldn't you know it, it totally was. It's such a privilege to see the world of Vogue and all the hard work that goes into fashion and publishing. Learning more about Anna Wintour wasn't really why I went to see the movie; since I didn't learn anything, I'm glad I wasn't expecting it.

Poor, poor Grace Coddington! Bitch is fierce! Someone give her her own magazine!

I do wish the scene with Karl Lagerfeld and Anna was longer. Can you imagine those two haughty Furbies trying to interact on a human level? Genius!

3. It Might Get Loud

This one I wasn't sure about-- my love for Jack White is well-documented, but that really can't keep me interested for 2+ hours, right? Wrrronnnnng.

So, so wrong. Obviously, Jack White is a genius, and hilarious and sexy besides, but adding Jimmy Page and The Edge makes the documentary fascinating. Before, I didn't know much about Page's background and didn't CARE about The Edge's. Thanks to the photos and the narrative, I left the theater caring.

My favorite parts were seeing the three jam and teach each other their own styles and songs. It's really ridiculous how different White and The Edge are-- while The Edge completely relies on pedals, White seeks out broken down and damaged guitars to give his sound more character. Jimmy Page was sort of the eccentric granddad of the bunch, just capering around and air guitaring to his records. So funny.

(In the film, White wrote a song, sat down, recorded it, and handed it to the film crew. All on camera. The man is a GOD. Ooh, or the part where they show him playing "Blue Veins" with The Raconteurs and the guitar is splattered with blood because he's strumming so hard. Awesome.)

However, all this movie-going is getting a bit expensive and I'm looking forward to going back to work. Not before I see Taking Woodstock, of course.

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It Might Get Loud sounds AMAZING!!!!! I want to go to there!

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