Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Analog Photo Wiz

I was just thinking about my overstuffed bag of 120 film, sadly orphaned in the middle of my tiny new floor. I completely abandoned my Holga this summer (too hot to explore, too expensive to develop, too lazy)...

Then I came across this site explaining how to use Analog Color. It's a new (?) program designed to deliver Toy Camera-esque effects to photos. I've seen ones for iPhones, but this lets you adjust many different levels to get the perfect result.

I'm already completely obsessed.

This is Poladroid for the skilled, for the initiated. And it makes the photos pretty! Look! Pretty!

I flatter myself that the originals are pretty cool on their own, but add a lens flare to anything and I'll immediately perk up. I'm such a whore for lens flares.

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