Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Space Oddity

The nasty CMYK/Helvetica Bold site is out: now, it's all about aliens and space travel.

I made a new site for Katie and me and it's faster and shiner and-- er, spacier-- thanks to CSS. Which I learned via frantic Googling and reading tutorials. Power to the internet.

The astronauts move (and are sneaky links). The navigation bar is teensy! I need a nap.

Nobody steal anything until I put in a footer.

Visit, please! Let me know what you think. What should I do for the background so it doesn't end so abruptly? Any suggestions?

And as the site states, we are available for hire.


Anonymous said...

it is SUPER cute and i love it. i looked at your resume and you've had so many jobs, christ.

i think it's playful and errrybody loves astronauts.

you don't even wanna know what mine looks like right now (bad)

Anna said...

Thanks! I love your site's template-- I almost switched to wordpress so I could use it.

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