Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Full Blooded Awesomeness!

(I apologize for that title)

It's Harry Potter time, folks. Yours truly went to the midnight show in Union Square last night, successfully scoring 2 primo seats. I got some popcorn (the butter machine is self-SERVE, dudes), settled into my seat while patting Lindsay's knee in excitement, and saw what was, in my opinion, the best one yet. Shall we bullet point this bitch? (Spoilers)

-Tube ads:
Incredible! Whoever decided to put a huge perfume ad with "magic" scrawled across the bottom is a genius. I've said it once and I'll say it again-- the props, costumes, sets, fonts on the fricking textbooks MAKE these films.

The film was hilarious. They combined just the right amount of Python humor (the scene on the stairs at the Burrow, or Harry being Tim the Enchanter* over Aragog's body) with the silliness of the books. I also loved the scramble for the Potions textbook between Harry and Ron.

The trio are terrific, finally. FINALLY! Dan is really great with the quips and small reactions, Rupert's turning into a true character actor, and Emma can finally leave her damn eyebrows alone when she's talking. Plus Tom Felton actually pulled off Draco being freaked out and a nasty bugger at the same time. I don't even have to mention the incredible slew of Britain's finest as professors, parents, and MOM employees, do I? Good.

Thank you thank you thank you for keeping in the nose breaking on the train. That part chilled me when I first read it, and it shows the complexity of the character. O/T, but Narcissa definitely didn't look the way I expected her to.

I jumped a few times (when Harry touched the ring and when the Inferius grabbed Harry's arm) and smiled in appreciation when Narcissa and Bellatrix went over to Snape's. I guess there's something I like about black capes worn during the day.

-Not enough:
Luna! She looked perfect the whole way through (her Specs on the train and her insane silver dress for Slughorn's Ball). And I wanted Neville to have some lines and Lupin and Tonks' storyline to have more meat. Get us pumped up for the last installments and then let us sink into despair.

Fred and George! Their shop looked fantastic-- I wish we'd seen some of the things they did to piss off and bait the Death Eaters and Voldemort.

They also left out some Horcrux huntin'. Helloooo?

-Too much of a good thing:
Alan Rickman. Spoke. Very. Slowwwlllyyyy. More than usual. Although apparently the NYT reviewer was obsessed with that.

-Whoa sexual innuendo:
Why, exactly, did Ginny have to tie Harry's shoe whilst wearing a robe? Was that necessary? I realize this franchise has to compete with Twilight on some miniscule level, but the books didn't focus on the icky love stuff. Neither should the films.

I loved Jim Broadbent but I felt like the audience (at least in my theater) didn't really get that he was being over-the-top.

Inventing new things always annoys me because the books are just flawless, in my opinion. (Except for the Epilogue in the final book.) So the attack on the Burrow and the fact that Dumbledore didn't charm Harry on the Astronomy Tower smarted. I also wanted the Vanishing Cabinet to be a twist at the end, as it was written. That being said:

Without spelling it out (hah, get it?) I was actually impressed by how they wrapped up the ending. I wish the camera hadn't been so full-on Snape's face when it happened, because any casual viewer can see his motivation (unlike the book, where every fan had to decide whether Snape was good or evil until Deathly Hallows). The tribute with the wands was very emotional.

It was fantastic overall, and I really think it captured the sense of the book. While the third movie is probably the best technically, this one understood the characters, the humor, and the future of the series and I can't wait to see it again.

Tim the Enchanter

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