Saturday, July 25, 2009

Come In To The Closet

One of my all-time favorite agencies, BBH, just twittered about this little gem for IKEA.

Called "Come In To The Closet", it's a cool mashup of video and interactive. Once I got used to the rhythm of the thing*, I navigated to a few different apartment floors. Suddenly, I was watching a cut scene from Darjeeling Limited.

The mise-en-scène of the whole thing is very Wes Anderson... the bored actors, quirky music, and elaborate sets really fit into that aesthetic.

One big problem: the site is pretty similar to BBDO's "Voyeur" campaign for HBO:

I do think Forsman & Bodenfors pulled it off-- it reflects IKEA's feel of upscale cheap crap for urban people whose whole lives are crammed into tiny apartments. (In fact, I'm almost certain that was the brief.) I'm looking forward to finding out more behind the scenes stuff tomorrow, after I've had some quality time with my face smushed into my pillow.

Hey BBH--if you dudes need a copywriter or a creative team, just give us a shout.

*My tired eyes got bored waiting for the site to load and for the first man to choose a damn blazer. But after that, it was hunky Bowie.

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