Friday, June 26, 2009


Today was good. Also, it's been like a year since I sat down and wrote a "here's what I did" about a random, not particularly important day. So...uh...

I had a creative meeting with my new Art Director and we, along with a few other groups, pitched some concepts. Edgy! My Creative Director liked one or two. Now, we get to do some image searching (me) and some sketching (her) and maybe some horribly disfigured and mutated version of the original idea will see the light of ink.

After a few years of ad classes/clubs and the mother of all harsh critics via Option R, I was ready for a blood bath. Getting ideas killed really doesn't bother me... unless the work gets mocked or taunted. Then, I will be a bit upset. But my CD now is nurturing and kind-- we were told to either try and rework the bad stuff OR he softly suggested dropping it.

I met up with my roommate from sophomore year for lunch. She's working for Armani Cosmetics (at L'Oreal), so I got free shampoo and goodies! Result!

There were two other interesting things that happened on the way home:

-Urban Outfitters was playing all Michael Jackson music. I asked the cashier if they'd have to listen to it all day and he gave me a Look and then we had a private moment of laughter.
-For a short, very scary minute, I thought Peaches Geldorf was on the L train with me.

In other news, I'm planning an interesting weekend: I'm supposed to go to Ikea in Red Hook with a friend, and then Saturday is the Brooklyn Flea and an outdoor food market thing. I really am planning to bring a camera with me on Sunday, because I don't have any pictures of the neighborhood. The flea market's also right near the Williamsburg bridge, which will make for an interesting picture.

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