Sunday, June 21, 2009

Phoenix Overloard

Phoenix's "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of all time. I came across it in a... shall we say... as yet unreleased form a few months ago, and I still listen to it nearly every day. It was with a heavy heart, therefore, that I tried to accept the fact that the band's two New York shows this month (one at the MHoW, just down the street, and the other on the west side in the city) were sold out. Finito. Game over.

On Friday, I decided I was not going to accept it.

Some Craigslist loitering finally paid off in the form of a single ticket not too much more than the original price. Thus it was, I ended up right in the front on Friday night, practically jiggling with excitement.

The opening band was pretty good but. From Brooklyn. This never bodes well in my book. Brooklyn bands are always over-the-top hipster-wise, usually stuck up, and sometimes a little too high to play. But the band I was there to see-- Phoenix, in case you've forgotten-- made it one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Here are my thoughts, recorded on my phone after the show:

Great live, they were so happy to be there, bows and smiles after every song. Thomas connected with audience, looked at everyone's faces when he came out and looked in our eyes when he wasn't singing. I almost lost a shoe during "Lasso" and nearly died in scrum at end of "Rome" in the encore when Thomas jumped into audience right in front of me. Opened with "Lisztomania", saw stars when the lights went up after a break and everyone was dancing. Assholes behind me with elbows in my face.

The set list was reallly good, with some older stuff like "Napoleon Says". They also did "Love Like a Sunset", an instrumental, and Thomas just chilled out on the floor behind an amp and tapped his foot until they went into the next song.

I'd never seen them live before, so watching the drummer jam HARD, seeing Laurent's amazing glasses up close, and Thomas doing his little scoopy meows like "can't get out" in "Lasso" was heartwarming and I'm sure a few photographers got some ridiculously happy pictures of me.

I bought a ticket for their show with Passion Pit (!!) in September, in case I'm still hanging around the city. What an amazing amazing amazing amazing time and I'm soo glad I went.

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