Monday, June 1, 2009

My New York Life

Greenpoint is a weird and wonderful place.

It's amazing to have a clean, calm, light apartment 15 minutes from McCarren Park and another 10 from Bedford: the only problem I see at the moment is the nasty/slow G train and choosing which Polish bakery to visit.

The neighborhood is full of old, stately brick buildings like this:

And crack dens like this:

Unfortunately, my building veers more toward the latter, but my apartment was just renovated and it's gorgeous.

I had a great lunch at Relish on Saturday, a revamped diner. The sunny outdoor space is fenced off with climbing roses and one table was full of girls still drunk from the night before, doing tequila shots to keep awake. There's also a great indoor vintage/flea market called Artists and Fleas nearby. I'll definitely be back after I start making money at my internship.

The thing I noticed most about Williamsburg and Greenpoint is there's nothing like a hipster server to make you feel completely worthless. My roommate warned me before we went into Blackbird the other day, but the service was ridiculously terrible. Unlike the bitchy ignoring in Paris-- where the server knows you're there, and knows that you know that he's there, but is trying to give you space in the hope that you might keel over and die but leave your credit card nearby-- the servers at Blackbird are completely in space. They just wander around, gossiping with each other and often venturing into the street to hug passing friends. The food doesn't suck, though. I'll probably go back just for some mint iced tea and a ham sandwich, damn them.

Ella Cafe, just down the street, was the same way. They also don't have wireless internet, which I didn't realize until after I ordered and pulled out my laptop. El Beit was the best place I've been so far-- the iced coffee is good, the wireless is strong, crowd isn't so scenester, and the outdoor courtyard in the back is beautiful and shady.

I'll get around to taking my camera with me on a walk sometime.

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