Sunday, June 21, 2009

Brooklyn Quidditch

Quidditch tournament in McCarren on Saturday and what was I doing? Hanging out in the rain with Katie, taking pictures and trying not to die of laughter.

I heard some kids were going to be playing in the park that afternoon, filming a Half-Blood Prince short for MTV. The cameras were not my priority-- what WAS my priority was seeing how the game would go for a bunch of Muggles running around with broomsticks and capes.

The result was shockingly bloody and violent-- while both boys and girls play the game, neither sex is the least bit worried about taking down an opposing player. Plus, it was raining all day and they were playing in mud.

Our favorite part was watching the Snitch. As the technology doesn't yet exist to let a walnut-sized gold ball with wings fly around the pitch, they use a tall and fast guy in gold clothing. This guy was seriously hilarious: he would flap his arms like wings, throw mud at people, and jiggle his ass (and the tennis ball in a yellow sock that is really considered the actual Snitch) at the Seekers.

Another funny bit was watching people stroll past the park, do a double and triple take, and either walk off laughing or come join us on the bleachers.

Getting lined up for play

Battling for the Snitch

World-famous (in the Quidditch universe) announcer with his homemade cane.

The announcer took a break and chatted with us for a second. They had a World Cup last year in Middlebury, original home of the Muggle version of the sport. We expressed interest in coming to a tournament closer to the city.

Here's a great video about the BU team and their participation at the World Cup. Had I known about BU's team, I would have at the LEAST gone to some games. Notice the announcer and the Snitch in the video.

I'm going to be checking for the video-- hopefully, Katie and I won't be in the background of any shots, looking excited and laughing, but we'll see. If anyone happens to see if before I do, could I get a heads up, please?

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Kathryn said...


The piece that was filmed was actually a short form content, commerical style piece promoting the new Harry Potter film, due to be released July 15th.

The MTV content will air first this Wednesday, June 24th on the 10 spot, between 10 and 11pm during commercial time.
The rest will air on MTV the weeks leading up to the film's release.


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