Sunday, May 17, 2009

Be You.

Graduation is over and done with.

I'm an alumni! Alumnus? Alumna. Right?

In any case, here's me eating my hard-earned diploma. Expect more pictures once I find a camera cord and get back home after crashing on Katie's floor for a few days.
The ceremony itself was pretty good and I liked the speakers. Only problem? They fucked up and said my name too early-- I had to shake the Dean's hand and walk across the stage in silence while everyone kind of looked at me in bored pity. Sigh.

There was a very touching moment while everyone in my school was filing into the arena-- we walked past all the faculty and some of them were crying and waving and saying hi to their students. Then I heard "Pomp and Circumstance" and had to do a little facial exercise to keep from losing it. The rest of the day went by very smoothly, with a terrific dinner at Gaslight to top it off.

Steven Spielberg was at the Boston Pops last night. John Williams showed up and did a medley of his works and then introduced the 'Berg. It was pretty cool.

In other news, I move into my apartment in New York by June 1st. I suppose this is real life and it's slightly terrifying.

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