Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend in Pictures: Success

Saturday night: Wine Riot in the South End.

Tastings, meeting fun people, photo booth. Evidence of which I have yet to see (UPDATE YOUR FLICKR NAO, PHOTOGRAPHER!).

Sunday night: Lily Allen at the House of Blues.

As I said in my live updates from the show, I was an island amidst a large sea of Britney Spears fans (Lily did her extremely well-known cover of "Womanizer" for the encore and the kids went WILLLDD!).

Monday: Boston Marathon.

(My friend brought a freshman along to the festivities.)

More photos right this way.


Morgan said...

Photo booth pics now ready!

Anna said...

Thanks Morgan but none of those are of me... I've been checking the Wine Riot site and the flickr page since Sunday. I went right at the end of the event on Saturday night.

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