Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I spent the last two nights with THESE guys:

Guess which one is French.

Before you laugh and move on, consider this: they are both friends of Katie's dad. Also, the blonde one's Dutch. It was extremely entertaining.

We met at the bar next door and, after an initial ESL issue, got along surprisingly well. In sharp contrast to my usual self after a few drinks, I didn't latch onto the French one and demand he speak to me in his native tongue. Restraint! Both the guys taught us dirty phrases and made sure we never went thirsty. Sunday night was a bit more exciting: I dragged everybody over to Central Square for a battle of the bands at the Middle East. There was a hilarious amount of this:

And not enough of quality music playing.

Oh well. At least the Euros had fun.

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Emily Marie said...

OMG I so immediately guessed the guy on the right was a Frenchie...they all seem to have the same "tĂȘte!"

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