Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Settle Down, Class

In class, when we learned about journalism, we:

-brought in newspapers to analyze
-took notes on important terms
-watched a documentary about a university paper

When we learned about PR, we:

-read two books about PR people
-watched a news report on leading figures in the industry
-watched a documentary about PR in the White House

When we learned about advertising, we:

-watched a clip from Mad Men.

I rest my case that advertising is for badass motheruckers.


Bobby C said...

Thank God I have this site, or else I'd truly be lost: Stuff White People Like - Mad Men


Anna said...

That's fucking hilarious because I love AD and my friend just lent me The Wire on DVD:

"Television is one of the keys to a white person’s heart. A proper reference to Arrested Development or the lending of a Wire Season on DVD are considered two of the easiest and most cost effective ways of getting a white person to like you."

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