Sunday, March 15, 2009


Welcome to Cuchi Cuchi in Central Square, the poor man's Bourne and Hollingsworth.

Like its Londonian counterpart, Cuchi Cuchi is all about the jazz age theme and expensive, old-fashioned cocktails. I went last night, excited to check out the digs. Unlike B&H (which I love dearly), this place was super skitzo, and I had no idea what was going on. Because while Bourne and Hollingsworth is one of the coolest bars I've ever been in, Cuchi Cuchi just couldn't reign in the crazy. Behold:

Cuchi Cuchi's dining room. What you don't see are the mannequins wearing bright pink Marilyn Monroe dresses (decidedly NOT 1920s themed), the glow-in-the-dark plates, and the LED (?) dining table.

Versus the way cooler speakeasy of B&H, which has small tables, old-fashioned posters on the walls, and a gramaphone:

When I went to Bourne and Hollingsworth, I was astonished by the ridiculously small room, the gorgeous bar, and the beautiful people in costume. At Cuchi Cuchi, only the waitresses and bartenders are always dressed up. Bourne and Hollingsworth attracts a way higher percentage of ladies in wiggle dresses and gents in weird fedoras with suspect mustaches.

The people at Cuchi Cuchi:


Versus the B&H people:

A bit more authentic. Plus, B&H has monthly secret Prohibition parties around the city. I accidentally wandered into one on my first visit. I was nearly trampled by the conga line and felt extremely out of place without the proper gear.

What is better, I ask? Nothing.

And if you have a second, watch this video about B&H (or find it here).

(photos from Cuchi Cuchi and Bourne and Hollingsworth.)

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