Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Real Enough TV

Hey guess what, TLC? I was anticipating the season finale of Jon and Kate Plus Eight all week because you've been teasing us with marital strife. Yea, I looked forward to that. So what? (I also think I'm going to steal Aaden, so back off)

SO WHAT is that it was the trickery of an editor that made it seem as though Jon and Kate were having a rough time. Any regular viewer knows Kate can veer into psycho bitch territory occasionally. But the serious looks and the awkwardness had us hopeful that Kate would stop nagging Jon.

Instead, we get Jon surfing online, looking at an insurance website and telling us all about it. I may be in advertising but my roommate is not-- we were equally aghast. Product placement? Fail.

You are on notice, TLC. Keep your crap together and stop pretending you're turning into MTV.

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