Monday, March 23, 2009

Lights and Music

Matt and Kim opened for Cut Copy at the House of Blues on Sunday and I went. And I danced. Follow me right this way:

Matt and Kim are always great live, and this time was pretty much the same as usual. There was air kicking, constant smiles, and they played "Daylight," their new single.

A couple of bros wandered around, looking a bit lost and more than a little drunk. Everyone else seemed to be there for a dance party, which worked out perfectly, seeing as Cut Copy brought the party.

No one told me the boys in the band were stone cold foxes... that was a nice surprise.

It was like dancedancedance! takeabreak almostgetsmushed dancedancedancedancedance!

Next week, I'm going to Friendly Fires at Paradise. It's almost too much electro-y goodness to bear in two weeks.

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