Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Telly Addiction

Yeah. I watch these type of shows. So that guy is a werewolf, his flatmate is a vampire, and their friend is a ghost. So WHAT.

I will admit that the silly romcom ones are... silly. But. oh. mah. gaw. Dudes! So good!

The US TV schedule sucks. I have to live off reruns of The F Word and Top Gears from 2006 to get through the day. Not really. But that is a semi-melodramatic example of the suckage of TV over here.

ITV in the UK did a miniseries featuring a "modern woman" (played by the lesbian ghost of Hex!) falling through time/reality to Pride and Prejudice. Hijinks! Culture clashes! True lurve! Please show me something more satisfying at the end of the day. I will buy you a three course dinner.

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