Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Samuel Adams: A True Patriot.

This Saturday was Sam Adams Brewery tour day!

After two short(ish) bus trips and a long struggle down the not-shovelled sidewalks, we got to do a free tasting of the Boston Lager, Winter Ale, and the not-available-in-stores Belgian Red. Delicious.

There were big tubs of stuff.

There were knobs and shiny bits.

And there was beer.

Lots and lots of tasty beer.

My favorite was the Boston Lager. Our tour guide helpfully explained how the new Boston Lager pint glass works while we delicately sipped with the tips of our tongues in order to experience the sweetness of each offering. The Belgian Red was a 10% alcohol content, ham-tasting bastard that I didn't really like. Katie couldn't finish hers, so I made the best of it and gave it another try. See the rest of the pictures here.

Next up: an excuse to tour the Harpoon Brewery in a blog-centered capacity? Sure thing.

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