Monday, February 23, 2009

Rachel Comey Fall 09 RTLuurve

I was doing my usual fashion blog sifting this afternoon, trying in vain to keep up with London FW and catching up with NY (which has, sadly, come and gone), when suddenly I fell in love! So quick! So true!

Her name is Rachel Comey, and her clothes are beautiful.

The cool thing is, I recognize a lot of what she does because I try to do it myself. The difference, of course, is she does it with interesting fabrics and rich colors. I depend heavily on H&M and cheapo thrift store stuff. And Comey's work will, inevitably, look better on 5'9", 100-pound Russian chicks.

The slouchy hat and all black. I can't get enough of tights and high- and low-heeled brogues. You will literally have to rip my black tights out of my grasping, sweaty arms when summer rolls around.*
Cardigans over spring dresses.
Leeeeopard print. (Did I mention I quite like leopard print?)
Black patterned dress with sleeves (!) and a belt.
And a little bit Margot-Tenenbaum-fights-Big-and-Little-Edie-in-the-40s.

Flash back to Spring 2008 RTW for chunky grandpa glasses, sheer patterned blouses, little girly touches (like lingerie under jackets), and sneaky color attacks:

I am sooo into you, Rachel Comey.

*Actually, ever since Kaiser Karl put his girls in sheer black tights for Spring 2009 RTW, I can reason that black tights are practical and perfectly acceptable until mid-July.

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