Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Oi! What's Occurring?

There was some sort of incident at school today-- someone called the police after seeing a guy in the College of Arts and Sciences building with magazine clips. I got a message blitz from the school, telling me to stay away from the address where "police activity" was occurring. What was the police activity? No one told us until an hour ago.

The scary bit is, I work in the CAS building and was on my way over when I checked my phone. I slogged through about 10 messages from text, email, and voicemail, all telling me to avoid the area. The even scarier bit is that the building was not evacuated, no security measures were taken to warn people inside the building that there might be a problem, and no explanation was given to the students until a few hours later. My boss somehow got a tip-off and I circulated the news to my friends.

They said the police would be present in and around the building for the rest of the day. Which raises the question: uh, did they catch the guy? Does he have an accomplice? Was it a fake call? If the police were not 100% sure they caught the guy, then why would they risk the safety of anyone to let us continue taking class and doing work?

I can't even get to the website reporting the event. The whole school is probably on there. I'm choosing to trust the police and the administration, but if that dude walks into this office, I'm going to come back and haunt whoever made the decision to let us go about our business.

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