Sunday, February 8, 2009

Musings on Picky Eaters

So I'm watching On The Road Again or whatever that show Gwyneth Paltrow does with Mario Batali is called. Several things strike me at once:

1. Gwyneth speaks excellent Spanish. I knew she did (I think it was covered in a Vogue feature years and years ago), but I'm surprised at her fluency.
2. She is annoying about her food.

Seared pheasant breast? Too raw! Put it back on the grill! No plate? Must eat it with my hands? My mother is going to kill me!

Really, Gwyneth? Really? If a famous Spanish chef and Mario Batali were both tossing back seared pheasant breast, I would punch my way through a crowd to get at it.

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Anonymous said...

Hahah, I got the DVD set for Christmas. I can't stand GP. She's like... ah-I-am-so...-excited. Whenever I watch it, I skip her parts and move to parts with Claudia (oh-so-fine) and Mark Bittman.

I swear, she has no emotion, ugh. And picky as hell. She claims she's vegetarian, but she eats fish (some animals more equal than others??). And she calls milk "cow mucus." Wtf? But then she eats cheese... which would be moldy cow mucus, right?

But in all fairness... Batali did get sick that night... probably from undercooked pheasant.

-Bobby in Alabama

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