Monday, February 2, 2009

Luxe, Style, Stage

(from Moet)

My school just sent out an email from the career services site about summer internships. I almost brushed it off (I need a job! Not an internship!) but one name caught my eye and sucked me in--Christian Dior. The blurb in the email mentioned that the student must be fluent in English (check!) and French (I would choose "extremely competent" rather than the vague and terrifying "fluent", but--check!). I applied.

But what really set me aflutter was the "internships in France" section of the website. There was one related position for me: marketing and POS advertising at Moet & Chandon.


I would looove that internship. It's a proper French stage, meaning full-time/paid/6 months working your ass off for the chance to stay there and get benefits. I finished up applying, clicked away, and then meant to google how I was getting to Jamaica Plain for tonight.
No no no! Not RATP! MBTA! Le sigh!

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Nellie said...

Ha, I was going to apply to that one.

Wellll, once I translated my CV. Stumbled on here through a Cute Boys Make Me Nervous post from ages ago.


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