Friday, February 20, 2009

Catch the Light

I watched Shine a Light the other night (I know! Finally!). There was a lot of:
Mick Jagger sexily flailing
Ronnie Wood good-naturedly running around
Charlie Watts huffing and puffing
and Keith Richards creepily peering out from behind his mask.

It goes without saying but I will anyways-- I loved it.

It took me a long time to get around to renting it because I didn't think the actual film would interest me. I feebly attempted to see it in London right after the premiere, but the 10 pound ($20!) movie tickets sort of killed that. But the film wasn't boring at all--Scorsese cut in old interviews with the band and did a perfectly theatrical ending.

What really stuck out in my mind was the glitter and sparkles worn by Mick and Keith. I decided I need to find some spangly headbands. Calvin Klein's recent show at NY Fashion Week produced this little gem to get me started on building a Ziggy Stardust-friendly wardrobe (from Racked):

I'll take one, please.

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