Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tech Head

My life, it is broadended!

I decided to really use my Twitter for good rather than mundane observations about random crap, so I made a skin for my profile and linked my real website so people can hire me directly from the comfort of their own home. Har.

Here is a Twitter cloud of my stream which I discovered somewhere on a website I cannot recall:
Yep, that looks about right. Who knew I say fuck so much? Hmmr.

Then tonight, I realized I can change my icons to be prettier. Look!

On the left, there's a Canon dSLR to replace my Flickr Uploadr icon (I should point out I am in love with my Nikon D40, but no one had a Nikon icon so I settled for this one). Then, I have a couple of icons that will remain the same (Poladroid, iPhoto, Photobooth, and iMovie, respectively). Theeen check out the cool thing I did with iWork: I put all three of the ugly and space-eating icons (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote) into one dock. I can right click on the folder (which I replaced to be a pretty folder rather than a tall box that came with the original download) and open up the programs from the dock. One of the best replacements is next, for Font Book. I never understood the cold, weird Font Book icon that was and this one is much more attractive.

I'm working on finding some icons for my stacks. I have two on my dock: my "Artwork" and my "Professional" folders (the second one holds my resumes, cover letters, and portfolios).

This is just so vair exciting! I've downloaded a lot of great apps over the past week and I'll do a big post soon. My flight back to Boston got cancelled today, so hopefully I'll get out tomorrow and can reenter society.

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