Friday, January 30, 2009

HOW many minutes left??

HOW many minutes left??, originally uploaded by fernweh_still.

The new iLife '09 is a beacon of light amidst the ridiculous weather and winter blahs. In order to secure my copy, I trekked through the snow and skated across ice, bracing myself against the rain. But dudes! It's so cool!

I use iPhoto like a maniac, storing about 9100 pictures and depending heavily on the "events" feature to keep them organized. My roommate, who just made the switch to Mac, really hates that iPhoto didn't organize by location or allow sub-menus. IPhoto '09 has a new feature, "places", which lets you geo-tag a picture or event. Now, all my London pictures and Paris pictures and whatever else are easy to find with one click.

The "faces" feature is what made me buy iLife '09, just to give it a try. Unfortunately, it's not that great. I happen to have a few similar-looking friends, so they got lumped together or easily confused. "Faces" also missed a huge amount of pictures with faces in them. I am pretty impressed it managed to do what it has, though, and I'm hoping there will be updates to help fix the mixups.

iMovie '08 was a total mess, so anything upgrading it would have pleased me. I haven't had a chance to tinker around with it yet, but I do notice '09 looks a bit sleeker and more organized.

Garage Band (is that even what it's called?) has never been opened on this computer. However. I heard rumors that Sting can teach me some songs, so I plan on exploring this app tomorrow.

Overall-- as usual-- I'm impressed. I was actually a bit sad I couldn't make it into town to pick up iLife '09 from the Mac store. Buying Apple products from third parties isn't as exciting.

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