Saturday, January 17, 2009

First Dance

I can close my eyes and predict EXACTLY how everyone's first "London!!1!" or "Paris je t'aime!!" Facebook albums look.

-Boat cruise on the Thames (this includes the London Eye, Parliament, Tower Bridge, one half-hearted blurry shot of Greenwich, and usually a few random and off-center ones of the Aquarium and MI-5)
-Flat (inside and outside. The inside one is boring and weird because there is nothing in the room yet)
-Red telephone box
-Red bus
-Pub (a beer on a table, some people drinking beers, and then some people looking mildly drunk)
-Tube (a shot of the stop and then one on the platform-- usually Gloucester Road or South Kensington, but one extremely entertaining person went all the way to Cockfosters just for a shot of the sign)
-Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace
-Club (all the kids have a big "welcome to London" party with open bar at a club in the city. This includes drunk shots, people looking good in nice clothes, and then blurry lights)

Paris: less easy to predict because everyone lives in different parts of the city, but mostly have
-Eiffel Tower
-View of Eiffel Tower from school
-View from top of Eiffel Tower
-Lunch on the Champs de Mars
-Notre Dame-- both in front and from the side, across the river
-A closeup of a crêpe
-Apartment and bedroom
-Drinking wine (sometimes in a restaurant, more likely somewhere in public like by the river or a landmark)
-Louvre pyramids

I do have to say that I had similar pictures in my first batch.

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Jaron said...

You forgot Harry Potter at Kings Cross. If only they knew what shenanigans happened around there.

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