Monday, January 12, 2009

Bright Tights, Big Cities

The most recent episode of Gossip Girl had what seemed like every single, fricking girl wearing patterned/colored tights and wandering around, looking all interesting and trendy.

I would just like to state for the record that my friend, Jess, and I started that jive.*

Last year, in Paris, bored of black dresses and tights and shoes and scarves and whatever else, we searched for and started wearing ridiculous-colored tights. Above, see a picture (me in red) of an eventful metro ride. Here's another outing with the red tights (and my compadre in yellow), this time in London.
I have yellow, purple, green, and all patterns of tights. Here's me with some purple stockings at London fashion week, alongside a Target catalogue.
I matched them to my shoes, I wore them to the point of exhaustion, and I moved on to other clothing amusements, only to pause the TiVo the other night and gape at the screen. Damnit, Gossip Girl! making me relive my glory days. I promise you one thing-- the tights I had buried in the back of my drawer are coming out in full force. No LBD is safe from mediocrity and commonness!

*ETA: Apparently, this was not sarcastic enough for everybody (see comments). I DID NOT INVENT WEARING BRIGHT COLORED TIGHTS. I just see them out and about a lot more, now, after I've been wearing them for a while.


Anonymous said...

you did not create the colorful legging trend. everyone was doing that in paris and u copied them.

Anna said...

Well done.

1. Not leggings. Tights. Everyone was wearing leggings already.
2. I was being sarcastic. Obviously I didn't invent wearing bright tights, thereby influencing the rest of the world.
3. You spelled "you" wrong. Next time, register and don't hide your face behind anonymous.

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